Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Facebook smileys: chat emoticons list

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Here is the complete Facebook Smileys (emoticons) list:

SmileyDescriptionKeyboard shortcut 1Shortcut 2
smileSmile :-) :)
big smileBig Smile :-D :D
winkWink ;-) ;)
Manga eyesManga eyes^_^
smiling eyesSmiling eyes>:o
sadSad emoticon :-( :(
shockedShock :-o :o
glassesNerd Glasses 8-) 8)
cool shadesSunglasses8-|
tongue emoticonTongue :-P :P
woot emoticonWhat?O.o
devil emoticonDevilish3:)
angel emoticonAngelO:)
kissKissing emoticon:-*:*
love emoticonLoving emoticon<3
robot emoticonRobot:|]
guy faceWeird face:putnam:

Remember: you can chat with your facebook friends using Pidgin... with all the smileys, of course! ;)

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Drazen said...

thanks, this helped me a lot!

Annie said...

is a shark

notoriousxl said...

@Annie: thanks! :)

Marshall said...

(^^^) makes a shark

tomsean said...

A full auto updated list of Facebook Smileys can be seen on smileyshut.com

Tomski said...

Awesome facebook login also have some facebook smileys listed you know.


Tyler said...

<(") makes a penguin

Lexy said...

╔═══╗ ♪
║███║ ♫
║(●) ♫

Lexy said...

╔═══╗ ♪
║███║ ♫
║ (●) ♫

ryan said...

<(") makes a penguin :P

Torass said...


NahuelGQ said...

If you want, you can watch some of them here:

Anna said...

you forgot the penguin. its <(")

Alessandra said...


christa said...

:41: Makes a kool looking 41 oh and p.s. it only works with 41

james85635 said...


moevils said...


Essjay said...

the robot wont work and the penguin is the penguin like this <(*) and the robot is like this :l] ???????????????????????/ it wont work on facebook

I just get my smilies free instead from http://moods4facebook.info I hope thsi gets posted because its a great addon for facebook - saves all the typing to get all the faces and smilies. Its free too :)

ancerna said...

you forgot (^^^)

FelixSaunders said...

Forgot the penguin but great site I think this websites got a couple more, have a look.


Deepak said...

how to type heart brake

Robin Thomas said...

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Ranganath said...

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Ranganath said...

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Ranganath said...

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Chetan said...

Hey!! thanks it looks like my tweens... @ facebook smileys or emoticons facebook

iozd said...

i like the new one see here facebooksmileys.eu5.org

Harsh said...

Hey friend, thanks for the beautiful list of facebook smileys. I got some more smileys over here:
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I guess this will help all over here.

letschat6 said...

Want to read my hilarious opinion on the Facebook smileys? Click here!


skitty9965 said...

add me orhime heartfillar

[[ForeverAloneComics]] ForeverAlone
[[MeGustaMeme]] Megusta
[[164413893600463]] Megusta 2
[[149333368464171]] YaoMing
[[116616581692281]] TROLL Face
[[145768898802324]] FUUUUUs
[[168456309878025]] LOL
[[189637151067601]] LOL 2
[[FapFapFap.B]] FAPFAP
[[106043532814443]] Y U NO
[[214457085240151]] Nothing to do here
[[129627277060203]] Poker faces
[[160723207280093]] You Fucking kidding me?
[[ChallengeAcceptado]] Challenge accepted
[[100002752520227]] Okay
[[105387672833401]] Fuck Yeah
[[224812970902314]] Derp
[[192644604154319]] derpina
[[170815706323196]] Cereal guy
[[142670085793927]] Mother of God
[[168040846586189]] Feel like a sir

al said...


facebook smileys 2012

rosun lawot said...

These are not only the Facebook smileys available. You will be amazed to find out pool of smileys that can be used in status updates or messaging in facebook. If you want to create your own designs click here. or you can use from the list of available smileys which is updated time to time.

Trystan Don De Los Reyes said...

Well this is a good list of facebook smileys, however there are new smileys now included on the list. Well I really appreciate that facebook for making it easier to users to express emotions through the use of smiley r emoticons on their post, comment and messages.

Charina Castillo said...

I really appreciate you have shared basic facebook smileys used in facebook chat. Well, as in these days there were new smileys you could use in Facebook. I think almost emotions that a user feels has a corresponding assigned smileys that can perfectly express someones feelings.

Martina Salvador said...

facebook smileys are one of the simplest way to enlighten up somebodies mood on facebook. Smiley relieve stress and give good vibes to someone you are chatting with. many of us uses smiley to give a define image of how we feel even you are not physically present.

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