Thursday, January 29, 2009

nodes.dat for eMule/aMule Kad

P2P > eMule

The nodes.dat file (nodes list) is very important if you want to do the first eMule bootstrap without using servers; but the one packaged with eMule or aMule doesn't work very well.

So, you have to download the nodes.dat manually. Here's the nodes.dat address:

If you're using aMule: just go to Network window > Kad, enter the nodes.dat URL and press OK.

If you're using eMule: close eMule, download the nodes.dat file (copy the address above, paste in the address bar of your browser and press enter) and copy to C:\Program Files\eMule\config. Restart eMule, to connect to kad network.

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marian said...

if anyone interested, my own nodes.dat (mostly spanish peers) in:

por si a alguien le interesa, dejo mi propio nodes.dat (mayoritariamente nodos en espaƱa) en:

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